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Our website is your free online resource for dog related information.

At Be Doggy Smart, you will find resources on a wide variety of topics relating to owning a dog from selecting a the right dog breed for you and your family, to health issues and training tips for your dog or puppy.

Is this the right time in your life to get a dog? Do you want a pure-bred dog, a cross bred dog or have you been thinking about selecting a dog from an animal shelter or rescue agency?

What are the best dog breeds for children? What about canine nutrition and the different dog foods available, which is the best - or perhaps you would even like to cook for your dog? You will find answers to all your dog questions here at Be Doggy Smart. We are gathering and constantly updating the latest dog information and even breaking news stories, and sharing it all right here at Be Doggy Smart. To get usefull information about dog care you need to visit this website .

We even feature book reviews, commercial dog food ratings, and videos about dog care topics.

Whether you are a first-time puppy owner or someone who has experience owing a dog, has something for you. The format of this site is simple and easy to navigate and we hope you enjoy your visit.



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